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Costing the Earth (BBC, Radio 4, 04/03/12)

Date: March 4, 2014

This information is taken from the BBC:

Nuclear power is back on the UK’s agenda, but what to do with the long-lasting radioactive waste remains the problem.

Costing The Earth investigates the best ways to dispose of the waste produced by the generation of nuclear power.

Rob Broomby travels to France where more than 75% of electricity is generated by nuclear power stations. He visits Aube where they are taking care of low and intermediate level waste. It is being stored in concrete and then will be grassed over and monitored for the next 350 years.

Rob also visits a planned site for future disposal of high level waste: deep below the surface in the Champagne-Ardennes region where they intend to bury the waste locked up in clay.

Back in the UK the debate continues as we strive to find a final destination for radioactive waste.

Listen to Simon 24 mins 38 seconds in here.

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