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DISTINCTIVE is a multi-disciplinary collaboration of 10 universities and 3 key industry partners from across the UK’s civil nuclear sector.

Drone’s for Life Competition – Please Vote

Date: January 22, 2016

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DISTINCTIVE’s Dr Tom Scott (University of Bristol) and his colleague, Dr Ollie Payton, are in the semi-final stages of the ‘Drones for Life’ competition – the prize for the winner is $1M!

They are in with a radiation mapping drone which they hope will achieve global uptake by countries with nuclear power to provide a new and effective safeguard capability. They want to see it widely used to help with the clean-up and rehousing activities ongoing in the Fukushima Fallout zone.

The competition starts at the end of next week, and they need your help!

Please visit the following page and vote for them (ImiTec) to improve their chances of winning:

More information about the drone can also be found on this page.


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